mrtjinder (mrtjinder) wrote in aunt_flow,

Bunny's homemade tomato soup!

Yo yo yo! It's Tjinder here to relate a story from his past.

Times when we be too poor to be buying soup, my ex Bunny be making her own tomato soup. She save up whole week's worth of tampons and be throwing them into pot of boiling water. The shit be working, because we have a huge ass pot of red soup in no time flat!

To thicken up mixture she be putting in some flour, then adding salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, butter and a bit of lard for flavoring.

It taste so good I not want to go back to store bought stuff again! Bunny not too keen on idea so she save her tampons for me to suck on. Her time of the month was time I look forward to from then on out!
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