Lex (kungfumunkie) wrote in aunt_flow,

I am new... and bleeding

She came today. Bitch.

At first I didn't have any tampons, so a pad it was.
(Note: I hate pads. I feel like my vagina is murky, when I use a pad)
But luckily I hid some tampons away for a leaky day.

I guess I am glad she came today, instead of on prom night.
But this bitch will be around for a week exactly.
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man, i hate periods that last for a week. my period lasts for like 8 days. it sucks hardcore.
I'm going to try and get on birth control to tame my wild beast of a period.
oh my god, I hate pads too. I hate that 'murky vagina' feeling. I love tampons.